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Closed-end municipal funds seek to provide higher levels of income, and short-term volatility can present attractive entry points for long-term investors. Municipal bonds offer multiple benefits to income-seeking investors—high quality ratings, low default rates and low volatility relative to most fixed income sectors.

Why now

Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism This time, Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting a bad Why now.

Their heyday is over — if Kavanaugh is confirmed and becomes the reliable fifth vote to uphold the original intent of the Constitution. Beginning inwhen President Dwight Eisenhower nominated Earl Warren as chief justice, the Supreme Court started to act more like a Supreme Congress and only rarely stopped.

The trickle-down effect meant lower courts read not only the decisions but also the tea leaves, and began to rule accordingly.

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The Warren court, which effectively lasted deep into the Reagan administration despite the fact that Warren himself retired inwas Why now most activist, liberal court in history. Some of its most famous rulings, such as Brown v. But the court also stretched to create its desired outcomes in a range of social areas, including expanding the rights of criminal defendants and banning compulsory school prayer.

Warren, for example, reportedly searched for a case he could use to find that criminal defendants were entitled to lawyers, at taxpayer expense if necessary. His initial fellow justices were a mix of those appointed by FDR and Harry Truman, so, despite factions and disagreements, the Warren court took a decidedly expansive approach to its job.

The left realized the Warren court and successors dominated by the liberal appointees of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama could be a shortcut to realizing its big-government agenda and began relying on it instead of the more difficult and less certain route of public approval. The shortcut route remains popular on the left.

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In recent years, SCOTUS has been more evenly balanced between activists and constitutionalists, with Anthony Kennedy swinging back and forth as the decider. In that sense, the furious reaction on the left is understandable. Many of the outraged see the Constitution as a barrier to their political fantasies, and now see that barrier being raised higher.

And by a president they hate with all their might. The Supreme Court was designed to check the power of the other two branches of government, not assume it. That is, if they still believe in elections.

The bottom of the page has a story on federal prosecutors urging a Manhattan jury to convict four defendants of corrupting one of Gov. The trial involves the Buffalo Billion program and features claims by the defendants that they were duped by yet another corrupt lobbyist close to the governor.

A third, small story on the page involves the corruption retrial of Dean Skelos, the former GOP head of the state Senate. Just another day in New York, where Tammany Hall still rules. Forreaders are saying: The messages convey a sense of urgency, and are coming Typical was one from reader Jason Radcliffe, who writes: Clinton needs to be taken gently into the Chappaqua woods where she can vent her anger on squirrels, birds and assorted vermin.

Perhaps in the bosom of Mother Nature, she will realize that her presidential ambitions are futile.If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed and becomes the reliable fifth vote to uphold the original intent of the Constitution.

In that case, Dems would be out in the cold and America would be witnessing. At Monmouth University, everyone and everything is on the rise.

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Oct 04,  · There’s more than one way to invest in municipal bonds.

Why now

Closed-end municipal funds seek to provide higher levels of income, and short-term volatility can present attractive entry points for long-term investors. Why now? Part of it is pure momentum, which detractors say is a sure sign of a bubble: As bitcoin has climbed past each $1, milestone, it has spurred an investing frenzy.

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