We are all equal

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We are all equal

Everyone is equal, everyone is the same and we should treat them as such. No child left behind and all that hoo-ha. I think by using this broadened definition of equal that we have overlooked and undermined what makes humans so special, one of our most positive defining qualities.

We are all equal

We are not equal. We are all different, very different at times. This is a seriously good thing.

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This allows for our world to develop, to have depth, to create beauty and productivity. If everyone were truly equal then it would be a rather boring party. I think what we mean to say is that everyone equally deserves the same respect and opportunity.

That I can get on board with. That makes logical sense to me. In an ideal world every child would have access to the same quality education. Every person regardless of his or her intelligence, income, career, race or nationality would receive respect. This is a completely different concept than saying we are equal and therefore should study the same things, live the same way and be held to the same standards.

Not every person has the same ability to learn math with ease. Not every person can accurately draw a horse. Each person is born with particular gifts and innate skills, a tendency to be better at some things rather than others.

But does everyone really need to climb the rope in gym class, study 20th century poetry, physics, calculus? Oh God please not calculus. Not everyone has the same interests or skills.

Not everyone can become a doctor, not everyone can become Beckham. Not everyone wants to. Humans naturally have unique abilities. They have different qualities, skill sets, and priorities. Equality is a nice idea. Our inequalities are precisely the things that make us impressive.

A total win win.We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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Welcome to Ponyville, the most equal and joyous town in all of Equestria. We pride ourselves in our unity, in our conformity to the one true harmony.

Discover why your heart aches and . Human Rights Feminism. Find this Pin and more on we are all equal ♡♥ by Katherine Price. Just don't get in my way of fully accessing human rights.

Equality allows for the freedom of choice- under no condition should that choice be shamed or criticized. All men and women are born equal in the human sense. We are born with the same flaws, the same tendencies. All of us are prone to anxiety.

If we don’t all fear the same things, we have the same fear, just as if we don’t all find ourselves drawn to the same temptations or addictions, temptation itself is urbanagricultureinitiative.com breathe the same way, even if we speak different languages and we feel the.