Twelve angry man juror 10

The twelve jurors retire to the jury room, having been admonished that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Twelve angry man juror 10

Martin Balsam "Let's try to keep this organized, gentlemen.

Whenever someone questions his authority, he'll get all worked up and suggest to that person they take his place instead. Unless you press his aforementioned Berserk Buttonhe's a summarily decent guy trying to make the right decisions.

Juror 2 Juror 2 Played By: John Fiedler "It's hard to put into words. I just think he's guilty. I thought it was obvious from the word, 'Go'. He constantly finds himself being swayed by the opinions of the last person who has spoken until, by the end, his courage has visibly grown and he is no longer afraid to stand up to Jurors 3 and He gets more willing to call the other jurors out on their shit as the show goes on.

He is a really soft spoken guy who tries his best to be nice to even the more belligerent of the jurors. Even if the top of his head is bald, he still has some hair on his sides and back of his head.

But having a balding while being 32 years old in the version, it's obviously premature. Juror 3 Played By: Cobb "I'm a pretty excitable person.

I mean, where does he come off calling me a public avenger, sadist and everything? After seeing his son walk away from a fight, he swore to "make a man out of [him].

Twelve angry man juror 10

The closest the film has to one. Part of his jerkass demeanour is that he responds to arguments with deeply sarcastic wisecracks. Like the rest of the jurors, he's disgusted by 10's racism.

He's also clearly apalled by 7 when he switches his vote to "Not Guilty" simply because he wants to leave. To 8, though more like a Jerkass Counterpart; they're both men of passion unwilling to back down when they believe their cause is just.

You bet I'm excitable!

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We're trying to put a guilty man in the chair where he belongs! When, in the middle of his furious insistence that the defendant is guilty, he sees the picture of his estranged son and rips it to pieces, you can see in his face that he has just figured out what he was really doing.

He's an aggressive and irritable grump. It kicks into overdrive as the debate rages on. This just might be his defining characteristic: Scott plays him, he wastes no time in chewing the already-limited scenery. When he contradicts his own, earlier argument. And when the rational part of his brain retakes control as he's tearing up the photo of him and his son, the look on his face changes from rage to absolute horror.

He assumes 5 changed his stance during the second vote and gives him hell for it, but it turns out it was 9. Afterwards, 3 stammers out something akin to an apology to him. It's the thought that counts.

He projects his own broken relationship with his son onto the defendant and his father. He's not really a bad man, and his reasons for pushing a guilty verdict so hard namely, he's channeling all his anger about how his own relationship with his son ended onto the young defendant is something he clearly does not realize he's doing.

His Villainous Breakdownunlike 10's racist diatribe, is not met with the disgust or contempt of the other jurors. They all just kind of look like they feel sorry for him. His final act in the play before the end and final vote. He's just trying to bring someone he honestly believes to be guilty to justice.

The fact that he's such a massive Jerkass prevents him from being a Hero Antagonist. Juror 4 Played By: Marshall "You've made some excellent points, but I still believe the boy is guilty. Known to use this to quip back at some of the apparently less than logical theories.

Although he's the second last holdout for "guilty", he's not shown as being a mean person or unwilling to listen to reason; unlike Jurors 3 and 10, he has no personal reasons for his vote and is convinced the defendant is guilty purely because of the evidence presented at the trial. The only juror shown not to sweat despite the massive heat in the room.A jury argues a case in a stuffy room on a hot summer's day.

Eleven say "guilty!" But one holdout (Jack Lemmon) is convinced of the defendant's innocence and stubbornly argues "reasonable doubt.

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Twelve Angry Men is a play by Reginald Rose adapted from his teleplay of the same title for the CBS Studio One anthology television series. Staged in a London production, the Broadway debut came 50 years after CBS aired the play, on October 28, , by the Roundabout Theatre Company at the American Airlines Theatre, where it .

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