Thesis on dance

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Thesis on dance

Some features of this site may not work without it. Sensual experience of architecture and dance Author: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date Issued: Dance and architecture are two disciplines of creativity that share a special relationship.

Both disciplines define and use space as the main medium for creative interpretation. Dance is movement of the human body through space over time. Architecture and its spatial qualities are experienced by the human body through movement over time. To think about space created for and by the body as the common linkage between dance and architecture.

I utilized the dance performance theatre as a vehicle of design investigation. By employing spatial concepts as perceived in dance to inform the design of architectural space.

I can address the creative process of design through the interchange of ideas from two artistic disciplines. The intent of this thesis is to find an architectural solution for the dance performance theatre that informs the users of dance and allows dance to inform the definition of the architectural space.

In this reciprocal dialogue. I hope to expand the vision and interpretation of both architecture and dance.In the beginning, I had great hopes of turning out a thesis for the University of Chicago which would take care of the entire field of primitive dance. It was to be entitled “A Comparative Analysis of Primitive Dance.”.

Thesis on dance

Dissertation on Dance. Arts dance dissertation is one of the most challenging tasks for students in the field of arts and dance. A quality arts dance dissertation . This thesis collection represents graduate student work from the Creative Arts Therapies department (formerly Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling) in the .

A dance consists of choreography, which is why I am choosing it as the text of my subculture. As a member of the dance subculture, I consider choreography to be a valuable text because it makes up the art of dance. Thanks to everyone at the JET conference, you were amazing!!

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Phd Thesis On Dance