The problem with the concepts of an evolutionists

Theories hoary with aged respect are now under assault by a new breed of scientists, who can no longer live with the absurdities and inconsistencies of evolutionary propaganda. In fact, a cannibalism of sorts has developed among evolutionists who bite and devour one another over changing notions regarding the origin of life and the alleged development of the world of living creatures. How Did Life Originate?

The problem with the concepts of an evolutionists

Let me explain the logical fallacy. Atheism is a worldview, not a scientific theory. What are the consequences of this logical fallacy?

The problem with the concepts of an evolutionists

First of all, the logical fallacy being made is actually a combination of several problems: They are succumbing to the same Modernist — and Materialist — arguments and approaches of that camp. Without much effort, it was possible to find examples of at least seven types of fallacies in the Creation-Evolution debate as depicted by most mainstream media and unfortunately also by a lot of Evangelical churches.

Erring Biblical Inerrancy The Bible is not a science book. Modern science has developed as such only in the last few centuries. Christians who defend inerrancy struggle to find creative solutions to verses like Psalm I am not a fan of inerrancy because it is a modern concept that is given way too much authority.

If truth depends only on feasibility with modern science, we are not doing truth justice. I believe the Bible is truth but I also believe it is truth explained in vocabulary and concepts that made sense for the original audience. So I believe Gen. A Way Forward So how can you detect these fallacies and what should we do?

There are a few ways to detect them. Evolution is a scientific theory; atheism is not. I know quite a few people who are Christian, but think evolution is the best theory to explain the origin of species. Each one of those Christians sees God as Creator and in that sense technically is a Creationist, but they would be very reluctant to accept that label because of its loaded interpretation.

That should make you suspicious in any case; the world is often not that simple, especially when it comes to this sort of topics. I started off as a militant Young-Earth Creationist; God created literally in six days and the earth is only about 10, years old.

Doing research changed my opinion on that.

The problem with the concepts of an evolutionists

And I encountered atheists who carefully avoided confusing evolution with their atheism. While they were explicit about their atheism, they did not make evolutionism drag their atheist cart; they admitted that this would be confusing two different concepts. And that is my big problem with Creationists and Evolutionists alike: Debunking people like Dawkins is really not that difficult; you just have to point out the flaws in their connection between science and worldview — and those are plenty.

Evolutionism - Wikipedia The full text of this article in PDF format can be obtained by clicking here. This might prevent some Christians from becoming atheists, but it gives atheists essentially no intellectual reasons to become Christians.

But by not understanding this, Creationists have taken on a battle they can never win — nor can Evolutionists for that matter: It contradicts the method of contemporary science by already providing the outcome before doing the actual research.

It also helped a lot that in South Africa this debate is rather marginal. The first is that I can accept mainstream science but still appreciate and even attribute nature and creation to God.THE CONCEPT OF MYTH AND THE PROBLEM OF PSYCHOCULTURAL EVOLUTION’ By DAVID BIDNEY C ULTURAL evolutionists speak as if there were a mythopoeic or myth- making stage of human thought in which primitive peoples have been living for untold ages.

There is general agreement among ethnologists that. Problem Concepts in Evolution: Cause, Purpose, Design, and Chance If all evolutionists are counted together, one can conclude that a majority of Americans accept evolution, but the high percentage of individuals who answer "agree" to the first question is nonetheless disturbing.

Social Evolutionism How Did Modern Society Develop? Share Flipboard Email Print Aschwin Prein. Social Sciences. Much of the modern concepts of social evolution are present in Greek and Roman literature: the origins of society and the importance of discovering them, the need to be able to determine what inner dynamic was at work, .

Jun 18,  · The evolutionists always battle the creationist directly rather than the concepts at hand. If we are discussing the idea that animals all came from the .

15 Answers to Evolutionist Misconceptions (Part 1) by Dr. Lisle | Sep 22, The article exhibited a very common problem we often see among evolutionists: ignorance of creation literature. The same could be said of other useful concepts in science, such as mass and force.

Mass is a resistance to acceleration under a force. Whereas. The article exhibited a very common problem we often see among evolutionists: ignorance of creation literature. Creationists have written literally thousands of peer-reviewed publications showing how modern scientific discoveries confirm creation and biblical history.

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