The apologetics of christianity essay

Evidence for an Old Earth i. What areas of science have implications for the age of the earth?

The apologetics of christianity essay

Similarly, the stunning explosion of the Christian Church within the Roman Empire has been raised as a phenomenon that requires explanation and a dead man rising from the dead is the best one.

These efforts are valid, but their weight cannot be appreciated without first knowing the context behind the arguments. We must understand the Jewish people, their history and religion. This is difficult because His followers were all Jews; that is, they belonged to that Nation which of all others was most convinced that there was only one God- that there could not possibly be another.

It is very odd that this horrible invention about a religious leader should grow up among the one people in the whole earth least likely to make such a mistake. On the contrary, we get the impression that none of His immediate followers or even of the New Testament writers embraced the doctrine at all easily.

We can imagine that a God-Man claim would be natural if it emerged in Hindu territory, where avatars are a dime a dozen.

The apologetics of christianity essay

It is something else if the claim emerges among the Jews, a people that were fiercely monotheistic. Yet it is more amazing than that: Consider the wisdom, if you are God, of incarnating in such a setting if you want people to accept your stated credentials.

It is easy to prove your case among friends. Not so much among your enemies. Imagine now that friends and foes alike constitute a hostile audience!

Given the prevailing skepticism of the New Testament, it is worth noting that all of the salient ingredients to this argument can be generated from documents outside of it.

Philo, Josephus, Tacitus, and others all corroborate how fiercely monotheistic the Jewish people were. It is often argued that Christians tampered with Josephus and other ancient writers. Upon examination of what these documents tell us about first century Judea, we learn that it was filled with red hot nationalism, intense chafing at Roman oppression, roiling anticipation of a Messiah-King, full blooded devotion to religious purity, supreme devotion to the temple, and the eventual destruction of the Jewish people by the Romans for their insubordination.

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Can we dispense with any notion that ancient Christians stooped so low as to fabricate even these aspects of the historical record? If so, let us consider one example from Josephus, the account of Pontius Pilate and the Standards War 2.

Jews flocked to Caesarea at the horror of having any kind of image present in their city. Numerous accounts are also given of messiah claimants in Israel during this time.

In the face of the Jewish abhorrence to graven images, idolatry, and blasphemy against God, a man came who claimed to be God: Jesus was a Jew and all of his disciples, followers, and enemies were Jews.

The one that is remembered, in defiance to the times, called for a spiritual kingdom. Perhaps it is because this messiah did not stay dead? What would happen in Tehran, Cairo, or Riyadh to the man claiming that he was, in fact, Allah? The Mahdi himself would have to do some pretty remarkable things to convince his fellow Muslims- by the tens of thousands- that he was, in reality, God incarnate!

First century Palestine presents a similar scenario.Christian Apologetics is therefore a defense of the Christian Faith offering the listener reasons why Christianity can be trusted and is believable.

With the growing followers of science and technology, birthing atheistic convictions around the globe, all religions are under assault from all corners. Apologetics Application Paper Essay Sample According to Brown, people everywhere filter what they read and hear through the grid of their own worldview.1 We all see the world different and the assumptions and prejudices that have about the world have an effect on how we regard the world.

Biblical Apologetics Methods, Definitions, and The Basic Essay - Biblical Apologetics Methods, Definitions, and The Basic Since its birth until today, Christianity has been in the context of “pluralism” that the beliefs are very diverse (Carson ).

Caner considers experiential apologetics one of the five traditional forms of apologetics, alongside classical, evidential, historical, and presuppositional apologetics. Experiential apologetics are based on personal testimony of a transformed believer, generally considered one of the most personal and intimate approaches to apologetics.

Essay: Christianity Proved by the Nature of the Jewish Nation by Anthony Horvath.

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I have been immersed in the world of apologetics for some time now, and I get the sense that for Christians, Christianity is a new religion, wholly different from Judaism, which spawned it, and its ‘founders’ were Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

The Apologetics of Christianity Jesus, a name known by billions throughout the world. To each, this name means something different; savior, friend, philosopher.

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