Romero movie reflection

Then our mouths were filled with laughter; our tongues sang for joy. Why was he killed? He was martyred because he faithfully followed, without fail, in the steps of Jesus in choosing decisively to side with the victims of injustice and violence. This is why he is a saint.

Romero movie reflection

No one was ever prosecuted.

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There was disbelief and despair across the land but especially in the poor communities amongst the simple rural folk and city dwellers he had loved so dearly, defended so courageously and for whom in the end he gave his life.

Archbishop Romero is increasingly recognised as a model Christian, a pastor and a bishop — a saint for the 21st century. He is a tremendous inspiration to the livesimply movement.

He strengthens our faith, fills us with hope and makes us proud to be justice-seeking Christian pilgrims. Today Romero stands tall as a truly credible witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ for these sceptical times.

During three dramatic years as archbishop, Romero became visible to the wider world through his legendary preaching to a nation engulfed in explosive tensions and violence. In a country wracked with human rights abuses, enveloped in lies and cover-up and edging every day closer to civil war, Archbishop Romero fearlessly spoke the truth.

He listened to the poor tell their stories. He took on the wealthy landowners for their exploitation of seasonal workers. He took on the military for their torture, killings and terrorisation of the rural population. This brought down persecution on the Church and six priests and dozens of catechists were killed prior to his own assassination.

The preaching, the teaching, the prayer and solitude. The closeness to the poor, the tender love of the vulnerable and destitute, the courage and resolution, the insults hurled, the pharisaic plotting against him, the doubts and the fears, the death threats and the public execution.

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In there was a Gethsemane experience for Romero. And he assented; he made a fundamental option for the poor and it took him to his martyrdom. Then someone tells you that your mother and your sister are inside that building.

Your attitude changes completely.

Romero movie reflection

We should get inside as if our own mother and sister were burning. There were national shock waves. He now began to see the situation from the perspective of the victims. He suspended all participation in official government ceremonies until the assassins were brought to justice.

He opened a diocesan legal aid office to document the killings and disappearances and to give pastoral support to the families and communities affected. Crucially, the following Sunday, he decreed that all churches of the diocese be closed and the masses cancelled.

He summoned priests and people to a single Mass in front of the Cathedral where he preached to a crowd of overHe carefully unpacked the readings and interpreted them in the context of El Salvador. Then came the good news of the week — the meetings in the communities, the celebrations and patronal feasts, the visitors and letters of solidarity.

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Then the bad news.- We can relate it in to poor socio-economic conditions and lack of peace and order between the people, the church, and the governing body in El Salvador.

3. Relation between STATE and CHURCH. - The movie ³Romero´ is completely about the prosperity and 5/5(1). Reflection from a small-scale farmer in Honduras; Time for creative map-reading; Oscar Romero – Option for the Poor.

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Archbishop Romero was the voice of the voiceless poor. A life lived out in El Salvador, a Catholic country named after Christ the Saviour. A marksman’s bullet killed him in the middle of mass on March 24, New Documentary and Study Guide on Óscar Romero Coming in March, Ave Maria Press will be distributing a new, highly acclaimed minute documentary, Monseñor: The Last Journey of Óscar Romero, covering the time of Romero's installation as Archbishop of San Salvador in February, to his martyrdom on March 24, One thought on “ REFLECTION: Archbishop Oscar Romero – If they kill me, I will arise in the Salvadoran people ”.

The movie "Romero" is about the life of Oscar Romero, an archbishop of El Salvador. The movie illustrates the hardships and the sacrifices that Oscar Romero has done in order to help and serve the underprivileged people of El Salvador.

Romero movie reflection

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