Quick facts on stonewall jackson confederate

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Quick facts on stonewall jackson confederate

Visit Website Did you know? Jackson lived in the home, which is filled with period furniture and some of his personal possessions, during the decade he taught at the Virginia Military Institute. InJackson enrolled at the U.

Quick facts on stonewall jackson confederate

Military Academy at West Point. Older than many of the other students, he initially struggled with the curriculum and endured frequent ridicule for his modest background and relatively poor education. However, Jackson worked hard and eventually met with academic success, graduating in Jackson left West Point just as the Mexican War was starting and he was sent to Mexico as a lieutenant with the 1st U.

Jackson continued his military service until he accepted a professorship at the Virginia Military Institute in He was better at teaching artillery than natural philosophy, and was disliked by some cadets for his brusqueness, lack of sympathy and eccentric behavior.

Students mocked him for his hypochondria and his habit of keeping one arm elevated to hide a perceived discrepancy in the length of his limbs. InJackson married Elinor Junkinthe daughter of a Presbyterian minister who was the president of Washington College.

She died in childbirth 14 months later; inJackson married Mary Anna Morrisonthe daughter of a former president of Davidson College. The following year, the couple had a daughter; however, the child lived for only a month.

He did not drink, gamble or smoke. When Virginia seceded from the Union inJackson accepted a commission as a colonel in the Confederate army and went off to war, never to return to Lexington alive.


Jackson Earns His Name During the first wave of secession from December through Februaryduring which time seven Southern states declared their independence from the U.

However, when Virginia seceded in Aprilhe supported the Confederacy, showing his loyalty to his state over the federal government. Jackson served only briefly as a colonel before receiving a promotion to brigadier general under General Joseph E.

Jackson earned his nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run also known as Manassas in July when he rushed his troops forward to close a gap in the line against a determined Union attack. Jackson was commissioned a major general in October With an army of some 15, to 18, troops, Jackson repeatedly outmaneuvered a superior Union force of more than 60, men.

He won several key victories over armies of larger size. Jackson had prevented the Northerners from taking the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, and had done so in the face of unfavorable odds.

Chosen for his tactical prowess and bravery, Jackson did not disappoint. His widely publicized exploits had elevated him to legendary status among Southern soldiers and citizens alike. He frequently punished his officers for relatively minor violations of military discipline and rarely discussed his plans with them.

Rather, they were expected to obey his orders without question. Facing a numerically superior Union force ofmen to 60, of their own, Lee and Jackson devised and executed a plan to rout the army of Union General Joseph Hooker But the victory was not without cost.

A North Carolina regiment mistook them for enemy cavalry and opened fire, severely wounding Jackson. He was taken from the field and General J.

Stuart took over his command.Stonewall Jackson: Stonewall Jackson, Confederate general in the American Civil War, one of its most skilled tacticians. Kids learn about the biography and life of Stonewall Jackson including early career, the Civil War, his nickname, the Valley Campaign, Chancellorsville, and interesting facts.

Thomas C.

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"Tom" Dula (June 22, – May 1, ) was a former Confederate soldier who was convicted of murdering Laura Foster. National publicity from newspapers such as The New York Times, turned Dula's story into a folk urbanagricultureinitiative.comgh Laura was murdered in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Dula was tried, convicted, and hanged in Statesville.

Video: General Stonewall Jackson in the Civil War: Facts & Battles Thomas Jonathan 'Stonewall' Jackson was a famous Confederate general in the American Civil War.

Thomas Jonathan Jackson! Stonewall (as he was dubbed by General Bernard Bee for his stellar defense of Henry House Hill during the battle of First Bull Rull) Old Blue Light; Old Jack was a man of complexity and military genius.

Battle Summary: The Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (July 1–July 3, ), was the largest battle of the American Civil War as well as the largest battle ever fought in North America, involving around 85, men in the Union’s Army of the Potomac under Major General George Gordon Meade and.

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