My hurricane katrina experience

I did turn on the news when I returned home to see that yes a BIG hurricane was coming.

My hurricane katrina experience

Umbrellas were dished out to curious tourists leaving the bus to snap evidence of a broken city. I remember taking a photo of the bottle-green Vintage Watch building on Hereford Street bordered up and wrapped in plastic, adding a filter and posting it online.

Was I peering through wire fences to pay my respects or was I engaged in something more superficial, perhaps even sinister? Was it even possible to make sense of a global disaster like an earthquake as an ethical tourist?

Ethical Tourism Or Disaster Voyeurism? Tours of recent disaster zones go by all these names. Truth is, they make for good business. I My hurricane katrina experience on the Gray Line tour after an online search because I liked what I found out. Their guides saw the hurricane up-close.

The company contributes a dollar to the ongoing recovery for every person who takes a Hurricane Katrina tour.

Southern Folk Artist & Antiques Dealer/Collector: My experience during Hurricane Katrina part One

Apparently, residents of the impoverished neighborhood where the destruction was most widespread complained to council they felt like sideshow attractions. They felt coach companies were making money from their misery. Their streets felt like a highway some days, such was the frequency and ferocity of lumbering tour buses.

Hurricane-wrecked neighbourhoods of New Orleans c Jacqui Gibson.

Extract of essay "My Hurricane Katrina Experience"

A Personal Hurricane Katrina Story On the tour there are 20 of us on the plush coach, as we pull out of the downtown carpark on a sultry Louisiana afternoon. Daniel Chick, our year-old guide with the boyish face, warns: He lived through Katrina.

He lost his mom and several friends to Katrina. He still has vivid memories of the city crawling with snakes and alligators in the immediate aftermath of Katrina.

The enormity of these facts takes a while to sink in. The storm lessened in force and veered away from the city at the last minute, Daniel reminds us.

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People thought the levee and floodwall protection, strengthened by the US Army Corp in the mid s, would cope. No one contemplated the pump system would fail or predicted a botched emergency response.

Stops On The Tour On the tour we pass the Convention Center, where people with no means of transport waited in vain for rescue. And we stop off at the Katrina Memorial in the Charity Hospital Cemeteryopened inwhere nearly unidentified bodies are now buried in unmarked tombs.

Hurricane Katrina memorial plaque to the unidentified victims c Jacqui Gibson. Driving through the middle and lower class neighborhoods of Lakeview and the Upper Ninth Ward we see few, if any, residents; but plenty of evidence of homes rebuilt or under repair.

A few Lakeside homes have been jacked up on stilts and converted to pole houses. Poor design and under investment seem to be the primary culprits.

Taking In The Reality Of The Storm Moving on, I take a minute to measure myself against an exhibition yardstick, etched with the height of the storm water after the levy collapse along London Avenue Canal.

My hurricane katrina experience

The clearly-marked post shows the water rose to over 6. Close up of the Hurricane Katrina memorial gate c Jacqui Gibson.

It confirmed for me what to look for in an ethical tour. Below are my top tips. Spend some time reading about the different tour operators and the way they approach their subject before you make your final choice. Find a guide who experienced the event and who can talk from personal experience.Sep 28,  · People recall their experience with Hurricane Katrina.

I just returned to DC from New Orleans after volunteering with relief organizations. The Calm: “This Hurricane Katrina experience really stayed with me because I probably wouldn’t have even been exposed to the arts. Once Katrina hit, I was forced to go to a different school. A Part Time Grunt’s Hurricane Katrina Experience.

By CTD Rob published on August 30, in Camping & Survival, General, News. With Hurricane Isaac looming off the coast of New Orleans, memories of another August in float back like a makeshift raft.

Survivor of Katrina loses home to Hurricane Harvey: 'Most traumatic experience of my life'

I was an eager National Guard troop and spent my days working part time in a retail . Hurricane Katrina was an extremely destructive and deadly Category 5 hurricane that struck the Gulf Coast of the United States in August , causing catastrophic damage from central Florida to eastern Texas. Subsequent flooding, caused largely as a result of fatal engineering flaws in the flood protection system.

The idea for the essay came out of "My Hurricane Story," a page workbook developed by Mercy Corps and its partner agencies to help elementary school children make sense of their individual hurricane experiences. Sandy: Hurricane Katrina Essay. When I used to hear about hurricanes I never used to fear it, but after my experience with sandy I don’t ever want to be in a conflict with a hurricane again.

Hurricane Katrina — Learning the Lessons of the Past