Essay typhoon ondoy

Ketsana ravaged Luzon, submerging areas like Metro Manila in floods at record-breaking levels.

Essay typhoon ondoy

Experiences teach us the true value of life because we can learn many valuable lessons from it that can help us grow and go on to our life. A typhoon is a violent tropical storm that is commonly experience in tropical countries like Philippines. It is a tropical cyclone in the region of the Pacific Ocean or the China Sea.

Reflection paper about typhoon ondoy

We have experienced many calamities in the past few years continuing in the present cause by the different typhoon passing to the Philippine area of responsibility wherein NCR or the National Capital Region where Manila and other cities are located is often target of the typhoon including the northern Luzon.

On September 26,it is the day that the Philippine experience the wrath of the typhoon Ondoy. What so special in typhoon Ondoy that brought tragedy, death and sufferings to all the Filipino people in the Philippines? According to experts, there is no special in typhoon Ondoy. The Global Warming is the increase in the overall temperature worldwide believed to be caused by the green house effect.

The green house effect is the rise in the temperature of the earth caused by heat being absorbed from the sun being unable to leave the atmosphere.

Essay typhoon ondoy

The Green house effect to Global Warming is caused by the harmful effects from the things that people had done against our nature. Smokes and chemicals produced by factories, but most of all illegal logging to the destruction of our forest, due to the loss of trees is the main reason of the over flowing of the flood because trees are very helpful in absorbing too much water to prevent landslide.

Bayanihan, unity and love for others should be practiced in these times of disaster. Extending a helping hand by donating foods like canned goods, old clothes and pledges or even a simple prayer can be a great help to our fellowmen. We should be thankful to God because even though there are many sufferings, disaster and tragedy is happening right now, God never leaves us, he always remains in our side whatever happens.

God had given us strength to be able to withstand all of this. All of us have a responsibility to protect our mother nature. God created human beings like us to serve as the care taker and protector of earth because we do not do our duties and continuously ruin our place, perhaps this is the sign and a lesson for us that we should change our wrong doings and be able to help our mother earth to recover to the many disasters she had encountered.

Trust God no matter what happens, remain in him faithfully is the key to our survival in everything that may happen. Just believe in him and we will be save and safe.Typhoon Ondoy is a disaster that exposed many hidden weaknesses in the government's preparedness for a calamity of this magnitude.

Hundreds of people were trapped on the roofs of their homes as the flood heightened to drown them. Typhoons.

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Typhoons are powerful storms that occur at the Northern pacific basin. It is given such a name because of its location. In other areas, the same storm is referred to as hurricane or cyclone. September 26, Typhoon Ondoy (international code name Ketsana) dumped millimeters of rain in the first six hours, the highest ever recorded rainfall in the metropolis.

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The previous record was millimeters over a 24 hour period 42 years ago. reflection paper about typhoon ondoy Tuesday, October 13, On September 26, , it is the day that the Philippine experience the wrath of the typhoon Ondoy.

What so special in typhoon Ondoy that brought tragedy, death and sufferings to all the Filipino people in the Philippines? Typhoon Ondoy was a sudden and serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society causing widespread human, material, economic, and/or environmental losses which exceeded the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own level of resources.

Typhoon Ondoy Essay Sample. Typhoon Ondoy started with strong rainfalls night on September 25 Many under-estimated its strength. Unexpectedly, downpours began that may compare to a month rainfalls.

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