Do you believe aliens essay

March 20, Does life exist on other planets other than Earth?

Do you believe aliens essay

Writer, blogger, video and podcast host. More than Americans were surveyed. As for UFOs, only When it comes to the Phoenix Lights, surprisingly, I live in Arizona, and the topic is still hot in the news out here.

In fact, I was part of several promotional interviews for Phoenix Forgotten in the local media, and people still love talking about it. Especially the fact that then governor Fife Symington claims to have seen the UFO, and believes it was an alien spacecraft.

The survey went on to ask whether people felt the Phoenix Lights could have been cause by aliens. Phoenix Forgotten portrays aliens as pretty scary. Another found footage movie that premiered at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, titled The Phoenix Incidentwas also based on the Phoenix Lights event and also portrayed aliens as frightening monsters.

However, these portrayals do not seem to have influenced everyone. Here are a few of the other questions asked, some of which you can see are a bit tongue in cheek: Why do you think abductions have taken place? Who would you volunteer to be abducted by aliens?

What do you think it would be like to be abducted? What would you do if you found footage of an alien abduction? More and more people seem to be opening up to the idea of alien visitation. Should we be afraid?

Recently, Kurt Russell claimed to have witnessed the unidentified lights from his personal aircraft he was piloting. He and his son, who was also onboard, obviously lived to tell the story.

So at least the aliens flying over Phoenix in were benevolent.

Do you believe aliens essay

I guess they could also have been testing our defenses for a future invasion force. Or it could have been a manmade object that was mis-identified. A pragmatic person would assume the later was the case, as this is the most logical answer. But, personally, I find it fascinating that so many people are open to the more exotic possibilities.

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Do you believe aliens essay

Many people may believe in aliens but do not believe in these UFO sightings, which is fair enough, but if they are true then it of course not only means that we are not alone, but there is also a more advanced race than us out there.

Source: 9. Ancient Evidence. If you believe in a God, why assume he is only able to love a few of his starchildren? Revelation But do the religious texts themselves mention the possibility of alien life? Aug 26,  · Best Answer: People believe in aliens for two reasons: (1) it fulfills a primal urge to aspire to higher beings, (2) makes rational sense when you compute the size of the universe, the amount of hospitable planet and the probability of life on those neighboring planets.

As to what they look like, aliens Status: Resolved.

Essays on Aliens: Do You Believe in Extraterrestrial Life