Covering letters with yarn

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Covering letters with yarn

Covering letters with yarn

In my case, it is more than 40 years since the compelling force caused me to first wear my own stockings and suspenders. It is nearly 35 years since I started wearing corsets.

If anyone had said to me, when I was 14 years old, that by the time I was 35, I would want to wear back lacing corsets out of choice for the rest of my life, I would have said they were crazy.

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The very idea that one day I would admire and wear something I had initially found almost repulsive was an idea far beyond my imagination or desire. In my story I have sought to include reflections on how I felt at key points in my odyssey.

I hope that these albeit biased insights might help others to understand the motivation of men like myself. Initially Simon and I were very differently motivated. Simon found the fascination of corsets directly.

Mine grew out of a first fascination for fully-fashioned stockings, the "nylons" which were almost universally worn by most women from the late s and for most of the s, when I was growing up. Yes, stockings were the catalysts which eventually led me to discover my "corset self".

I trust readers who expect to read only about corsetry will be patient with the first few pages, but what I say is very relevant to the path my odyssey followed.

It is my experience that imprinting can be either positive or negative. On the positive side of my imprinting were certain objects that fascinated me in that. Each time I saw them reinforced the mental question I had as to how it must feel to wear them. Among the items were the knee length shiny black or brown leather gaiters that farmers wore to the animal market in my town, and sheer ladies stockings; the nylons that appeared after the end of the second world war.

At that age, I certainly had no need to wear any of these items but they did interest me very much. If they were referred to in advertisements or in newspaper articles or photos, my attention would be instantly drawn to them and I would avidly read anything about them especially about stockings.

I was instantly aware of them if I saw them worn.

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The only item I had access to were the gaiters. My great uncles wore them and there was an old pair of my grandfather, which I tried on, but they were made for grown men and my preteen legs were far too small.

My interest in them died there and then. But the inaccessibility of stockings heightened my fascination. On the negative side of my imprinting were liberty bodices, corsets and the shade of pink generally used in the fabrics from which they were made and which features so often in Ivy Leaf's website.

I am also aware that psychologists also try negative imprinting under the term aversion therapy. As he tells us, Simon's mother tried it in an attempt to break his interest in corsets but of course she failed.

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In my case I had no need of such therapy in that, from my earliest years I had been all but repulsed by the shade of pink of the corsets which both my grandmothers wore, and which I occasionally saw drying on a clothes horse.

The liberty bodice reinforced the negative when, one winter at the age of six, after some resistance on my part, my mother persuaded me to wear a white one. Within a few weeks I perceived this to be "girls-attire". I rebelled and refused to wear it again.

I was standing with my mother who was chatting to a group of women who, like herself, had recently had boomer babies. At one point, all were admiring the stockings one of the mothers was wearing. I of course looked to see what they were talking about.

Covering letters with yarn

I can still recall what I saw. She was standing in black suede high heeled shoes, of the type fashionable for the time, and above them were the square cut heels and seams of pale sheer nylons.

When asked where she got them, their wearer said "I don't know, you'd better ask my husband". This was when such stockings were as hard to find as old dust and on the "black market".

In retrospect I realise that it was the start of the "golden age" of fully-fashioned stockings. What I saw were all so different from the lisle and art. At first "nylons" graced the legs of the more fashion conscious women in our village but within a few years they were being worn at school, first by the senior girls and gradually, as the prices came down, and availability improved, by the girls in my form.

After that I noticed the seams, and if they were straight, as well as the various heel designs. I also developed a liking for darker {yarn wrapped letters} I am a big fan of yarn wrapped everything!

You can give ordinary objects a cool and aesthetic look simply by wrapping them in yarn and best of all this technique is inexpensive and easy to do.

Learn how to make beautiful yarn-wrapped letters for your nursery or kid's room with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Sep 17,  · The first step in covering a letter J is accepting that this letter is a pain in the ass to cover because of all the curves and straight across lines noted above.

I'm sure someone else has a much easier way to wrap curved letters in yarn, but this is how my brain works.

Follow up: DIY Yarn Wrapped Letter J; Still love my 90's.

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