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Canon case study

The length of initial terms under this system shall be prescribed by rule of order; upon the expiration of initial terms each lay delegate shall be elected for a term of three years except Canon case study may be required under the provisions of Subsection b below.

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At the time delegates are chosen the vestries shall elect for one-year terms alternate delegates equal in number to the number of delegates authorized by Section 2, above. Upon the expiration of the initial terms required under this subsection, each lay delegate from the affected parish or mission shall be elected for a term of three years.

Each campus ministry worshipping community that has been admitted into Union with Convention may elect one lay delegate to the Convention in a manner prescribed by its by-laws. Such by-laws shall provide that members of the community who are enrolled, confirmed, adult members in good standing of Canon case study congregation of The Episcopal Church are eligible for election, and that only those members who are eligible for election are eligible to vote.

The by-laws shall be submitted to the Ecclesiastical Authority for approval. The Secretary of the Convention may promulgate rules governing the timing delegate elections and the manner of certifying the results.

Canon case study

Other devotional services may be held at the discretion of the Ecclesiastical Authority. Back to Canons Table of Contents Canon 4 Presiding Officer of the Convention In the absence of the Bishop of the Diocese and of any other bishop qualified by the provisions of the Constitution to preside, the President of the Standing Committee, as representing the Ecclesiastical Authority, shall act as presiding officer of the Convention, unless the Convention itself shall otherwise provide.

The Secretary shall mail notices of all Conventions to each member of the clergy who is entitled to a seat and vote therein, and to the senior warden of each parish and mission. These notices shall include the forms for certifying lay delegates and alternates and, in the case of the annual Convention, shall be sent at least days prior to the date thereof, and not later than 60 days prior to the date of a Special Convention.

The Secretary, who shall be a member of the clergy canonically resident in this Diocese, or an enrolled confirmed adult communicant in good standing resident in this Diocese, shall, ex officio, always have a seat and voice in the Convention, and shall serve as Secretary of the Diocesan Council.

The Secretary shall be accountable to the Diocesan Council for the due performance of the duties of the office, including publication of the Journal of the Convention.

The Secretary shall receive all applications for admission or re-admission of parishes and missions into union with the Convention of the Diocese at least 30 days before the opening session of the Annual Convention.

Such applications shall be referred to the Bishop for endorsement, verified by the Secretary, and reported to the Convention for appropriate action.

Upon the report of the Secretary that the appropriate constitutional and canonical requirements have been met, the parish or mission applying may be received in its appropriate status by vote of the Convention, and its delegates admitted to seats and votes therein.

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The Secretary shall solicit and receive reports from each of the institutions related to the Diocese. The Secretary shall receive, review, and evaluate the annual statistical reports on the strength and condition of the Diocese and the parishes and missions therein.

The Treasurer shall be a person knowledgeable in finance and investing and shall: This bond shall be deposited with the Trustees of the Diocese.

The Treasurer shall, ex officio, always have a seat and voice in the Convention. Back to Canons Table of Contents Canon 7 Chancellor of the Diocese The Bishop shall nominate and the Convention confirm a person learned in the law to be Chancellor of the Diocese, whose duty it shall be to advise regarding any questions of law which may arise in the administration of diocesan affairs.

The Chancellor shall be an enrolled confirmed adult communicant in good standing and resident of the Diocese. The term of office shall be three years and until a successor has been chosen and confirmed. The Chancellor shall be entitled, ex officio, to a seat and voice in all Conventions of the Church in the Diocese.

The Bishop may, with the advice and consent of the Chancellor, nominate and the Convention confirm one or more Vice-Chancellors to assist the Chancellor in the performance of the duties of that office.Istruction: The Study of Canon Law in light of the Reform of the Matrimonial Process, 28 April Canon Solutions America's award winning Case Study Presentation for Commercial Inkjet Printers from Inkjet Summit Learn how digital inkjet printing can empower your business to drive success.

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