Baler story mapping

Marcos in August 13, by virtue of Batas Bambansa Blg. This act was the fulfillment of the prayers of the people of the former Municipalities of Baler and Casiguran to be truly independent from the Province of Quezon for the first time since the Spanish occupation. Early History Inthe Spanish explorer Juan de Salcedo became the first European to visit the region that would be known as Aurora while he was exploring the northern coast of Luzon.

Baler story mapping

Hay Baler Background The term " hay baler " refers to a particular piece of agricultural equipment used to harvest hay. Hay includes grasses and other plants called legumes.

Timothy Grass, alfalfa, and clover are common hay crops. These crops, used as animal feed, are cut with a mowing machine when they are about 18 inches 46 cm tall and still green. The mowing machine cuts and crimps the forage and discharges it into a 4-feet 1.

This crimping process breaks the stems and makes the hay more palatable to cattle. A hayrake is used to turn the hay over so that the windrow can dry completely.

The baler gathers the cut hay from the windrow and compresses it into square- or round-shaped bales for easy transportation and storage.

Most hay is stored as bales, with small square bales weighing pounds kg and large round bales weighingpounds kg.


Small bales must be protected from rain and snow in a dry place such as a barn or hay shed. The large round bales can be left outside because the rain will run off the sides, Baler story mapping of soaking through and rotting the hay. Small bales can be fed by hand into feed bunks or hay feeders.

The larger round bales are handled with a tractor equipped with a "bale mover," a spear-like attachment that pierces the bale and allows the hydraulic loader to lift and transport it to the feeder.

History During the late s and early s, farming was changing dramatically with the introduction of many new machines. Until that time, hay had been stored loose in the upper story of the barn, or "haymow," where it took up considerable space.

By compressing the hay, or baling it, more hay could be stored in the same amount of space. One of the first balers was powered by horses walking on an inclined treadmill. As the leather and wood treadmill belt moved with each step of the horse, it turned a shaft that operated a chain drive.

The chain drive, through a variety of sprockets, drove a plunger into the baler, which compressed the hay. Hay was hauled to the baler from the field in wagons, and then forked into the bale chamber by hand. Wooden blocks were dropped into the chamber when the bale reached the right size.

Wire or twine was then threaded around the bale and tied by hand. As technology improved, the steam traction engine replaced the horse, and the internal combustion tractor eventually replaced the steam engine. By the s, balers were attached to tractors, and they automatically picked up hay from the ground.

Improvements in hydraulics allowed the introduction of the large round baler in the late s.

Baler story mapping

Companies such as John DeereNew Holland, and Hesston have continually refined the baler into a modern farm implement. How It Works Hay balers are pulled behind and powered by the tractor in the field.

The baler has flotation tires, which reduce the damage to the hay stubble by distributing its weight over a larger area. Also connected to the tractor is the Power Takeoff Shaft PTOwhich transmits rotary power from the tractor to the baling mechanism.

Along the sides of the hitch are the hydraulic hoses that operate the various controls on the baler using hydraulic pressure from the tractor. When operating the baler, the tractor pulls the baler pickup, a horizontal spool of moving steel teeth, in line with the windrow and engages the PTO drive.

Operation of a Small Square Baler The hay enters the baler through the pickup, and the teeth gently rake the hay from the ground to prevent the loss of leaves and ingestion of rocks or debris into the baler.

1800s to American Occupation

Directly behind the pickup is the compressor bar, which holds the hay in place so the auger can feed it into the bale chamber.AGROCOM MAP. Perfect information? Perfect crops! Information gathered today will put you on course for a successful future. A yield map will clearly highlight differences in profitability within a field.

With AGROCOM MAP you can tap your soil's potential more effectively and . Occupation Title SOC Code Employment (thousands) Employment (thousands) Employment change, (thousands) Employment change, (percent).

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Read the latest news and events from Ben Burgess, who have been serving the Norfolk and Suffolk farming communities since and supplying horticultural machines since We began supplying the Royal Estate at Sandringham with Marshall tractors in and have continued to the present day, currently supplying John Deere equipment.

Baler, Aurora located on the eastern coast of Luzon, is some kilometers distant from the Philippine capital city of Manila. The Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule started in The Spanish garrisoned Baler, in Sept.

, with fifty "Cazadores" under Lt. Jose Mota, to prevent Emilio Aguinaldo from receiving smuggled urbanagricultureinitiative.comon: Baler, Philippines.

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