A comparative analysis of business models

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A comparative analysis of business models

Artem Rubtsov DigiLab Inc. We work with all types of media stand-alone hard drives, SSDs, enterprise storage systems, RAIDs, flash media and tapes and with all file systems in use today. We design and develop our own software tools and techniques to address data recovery problems.

We are not affiliated with any software vendors or online retail companies mentioned in this report. The first few utilities had limited functionality and unintuitive user interfaces.

Today, there are dozens of titles available that target both home users and professionals, offering a wide array of features, price models, and platforms. The plethora of choices in the data recovery software market presents a challenge to DIY users.

While the free demo utilities offered by most vendors for evaluation are helpful, most users do not have the time or patience to test drive multiple titles before addressing their situation.


If the lost data is critical for an upcoming work or school deadline, nobody wants to spend the day downloading and evaluating free demos one after another. This is the reason why most users turn to independent review and rating websites in order to narrow down their options.

In a field where there are dozens of options, most users will only test out the top ranked utilities on such websites. This places a lot of trust in the judgment and impartiality of these review and rating websites.

These websites introduce the top data recovery utilities to users who are new to the field. Likewise, data recovery professionals occasionally learn about new tools from websites like these. Although we at DigiLabs have come to favor the tools that have proven reliable and effective over the years in our own practice, it is in our best interest to evaluate new and groundbreaking data recovery technology as it becomes available.

Professionals simply want the best tool available-if we can find an excellent product that is faster and better than the competitors, then it will easily pay for itself as we do business with it in our toolkit.

Coincidently, we were approached this summer by R-Tools Technology Inc. R-TTa data recovery software company based in Ontario, Canada.

A comparative analysis of business models

R-TT asked us to evaluate the top four products and compare their capabilities with R-Studio as they had a strong feeling that the rating distribution was not up-to-date. When our tests were finished in September, we found that R-Studio rank was changed to 5 in the charts but the top two products were the same.

Stellar Phoenix, which was not in the top three when we began our tests, was moved up to 3. We had heard of R-Studio, as most data recovery professionals have. R-Studio has been on the market for over 15 years, and it is practically a household name in the industry.

So, naturally, we were interested. The 17 tests we designed were based on our data recovery experience. We tried to simulate the most common scenarios we see daily in our practice.

All those tests can be easily replicated. We also scored the user interface and general features separately from the data recovery performance.Breastfeeding policy: a globally comparative analysis Jody Heymann a, Amy Raub a & Alison Earle b. a.

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